Legal Aid Bureau of Arkhangelsk Oblast

This is the official website of the Legal Aid Bureau of Arkhangelsk Oblast – governmental non-profit organization established by the Arkhangelsk regional government in November 2012.

Contact information

Address: prospekt Novgorodskiy, 160, Arkhangelsk, Arkhangelskaya oblast', Russia, 163000.

Phone + 7 8182 642770

Phone/Fax +7 8182 658202


Director – Ekaterina Sungurova

Deputy Director – Sergey Yarmolyuk



Legal Aid Bureau’s main functions are:

- to provide free legal aid to specific underserved social groups in the region;

- to disseminate legal information for the general public; and

- to promote better understanding of the law and to foster knowledge-based respect for the law and legal conscience of the people through various methods including seminars (online and otherwise), meetings, educational classes for all ages.

At the moment, Bureau is located at the center of Arkhangelsk, the capital of the region. Yet, we have regular outreach sessions aimed to the distanced municipal units (up to 500 km from the city). In the near future it is planned to set up several remote centers of legal aid (the Bureau’s divisions).

Free legal aid, as a separate official branch of legal, industry was introduced in 2005. Firstly, it was an experiment. As the experiment, there were created 10 federal legal aid bureaus (in Karelia, Chechnya, Volgograd, Irkutsk, Magadan, Moscow, Samara, Sverdlovsk, Tomsk and Ul’yanovsk regions) pursuant to the Federal Government Order of 22 August 2005 No.534 On the Experiment in Establishing State System of Free Legal Aid for Low Income Persons.

Later, in 2011, when this experiment had grown into the recognized form of legal practice, a new legal framework was adopted – Federal Law of 21.11.2011 No.324-FZ On Free Legal Aid in the Russian Federation. Then, Arkhangelsk regional parliament passed the appropriate regional law, of 24.09.2012 No.536-33-OZ.

Specific cases covered by free legal aid, and categories of eligible applicants are given in the Art.20 of the Federal Law and the Art.10 of the Oblast Law. You may see them in full below.


Types of legal aid:

- verbal or written advice;

- drafting legal documents;

- representation in court or other organizations.


Eligible persons

1) persons whose income is lower than the minimum subsistence level set for the Arkhangelsk region (av. 8471 rubles at the moment);

2) persons with disabilities of Group I or II;

3) veterans of the Great Patriotic War (World War II), Heroes of the Russian Federation, Heroes of the Soviet Union, Heroes of the Socialist Labor;

4) disabled children, orphans, as well as their representatives if applying for free legal aid with regard to those children support and care;

5) persons eligible for the free legal aid according to the Federal Law of 02.08.1995 No.122-FZ On Social Care For Aged and Disabled Persons (i.e. women older than 55, men older than 60; and disabled persons primarily resided in the inpatient care establishments);

6) minors (under 18) resided in the establishments for juvenile offence and neglect prevention, minors serving their sentences in the imprisonment establishments, as well as their representatives if applying for free legal aid to enjoy or protect those minors’ rights and interests (except representation in criminal case proceedings);

7) persons eligible for the free legal aid according to the Federal Law of 02.07.1992 No.3185-1 On Mental Health Aid and Protection for the Aided Persons’ Rights;

8) persons incapacitated by the court, as well as their representatives if applying for free legal aid to enjoy or protect those persons’ rights and interests;

9) persons having hardships confirmed by the official social service bodies;

10) other persons specified by federal or regional laws.


Eligible cases

In the fields of the housing law and land law:

1) cases related to contracts for immovable property including conclusion, amending, dissolution, and voidance thereof; official registration of immovable property rights and transactions therewith (provided that this property, i.e. apartment, room, house or part of those premises, is the only residence in possession or use for the person applying, or her family);

2) cases related to adjudication of the rights in the housing unit; official granting of the housing unit on the basis of the social rental contract, dissolution or other termination of such a contract; eviction from the housing unit (provided that this housing unit or house is the only residence in possession or use for the person applying, or her family);

3) cases related to adjudication of the ownership rights in the land plot, or other rights in the land, such as right of perpetual use or lifetime ownership with hereditary succession (provided that the land or its part in dispute is under the housing unit or house which is the only residence in possession or use for the person applying, or her family);

4) cases related to protection of the consumers’ rights arisen from utilities contracts;

In the field of labor law:

5) cases related to employment denial violating the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, reinstatement of employment, awarding overdue salary payments, including those arisen from the forced unemployment period, non-pecuniary damages inflicted by employer’s wrongful actions (inaction);

6) cases related to the obtaining the official status of unemployed person and pertinent social benefits;

7) claims for damages resulted from the loss of the breadwinner, or injury, or other health damage related to employment;

In the fields of social security and pensions:

8) cases related to official monetary and non-monetary social support measures, including for low income persons, paperwork related to subsidies to pay bills for housing and utilities;

9) cases related to the awarding, calculation, recalculation or claiming of employment pension, disability pension or loss of breadwinner pension, temporary incapacity allowance, maternity allowance, unemployment benefits, in connection to employment injury or illness, payment related to child birth, monthly payments for child care, social payments to recover funeral expenses;

In the field of family law:

10) cases of establishment or contestation of paternity (maternity), support payment proceedings;

In the other fields:

11) cases related to rehabilitation measures with regard to persons suffered from political repressions;

12) cases related to person’s legal capacity limitation;

13) cases related to complaining of the violations of the persons’ rights and freedoms in connection with mental health aid;

14) cases related to medical and social assessment (in order to confirm a disability and its gravity), and rehabilitation of disabled persons;

15) cases related to non-judicial complaints with regard to the federal, regional and municipal bodies, or their officials.

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